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Sew Gussied Up Waiver

Please fill out the following waiver form prior to your first class and hit the submit button.

I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of the Participant(s) named below or I have obtained permission from the parent/legal guardian of the Participant(s) named below to execute this agreement on their behalf:

  • All Participants must wear Close-Toed Shoes.

  • The Participant(s) will be taking classes, workshops, or other activities from Sew Gussied Up.

  • I am aware that these activities offered by Sew Gussied Up involve using machines, equipment and tools that can cause injury.

  • I understand that it is my responsibility to decide if the Participant(s) is qualified to participate in the activities, and I assume all risks, including any injuries to the Participant(s), and accept personal responsibility for any potential damages arising from Participant(s)’ participation.

  • I will instruct the Participant(s) to carefully listen and follow all safety and other instructions given by the Sew Gussied Up instructor and to inform the Sew Gussied Up instructor if Participant(s) is uncomfortable in the operation of the sewing machines or other equipment or tools.

  • If the Participant(s) is injured in any way during a Sew Gussied Up sewing class, workshop or event, and I am not present, I give my consent to have the Sew Gussied Up instructor, employees, volunteers or family members to help in the way they see fit including arranging for emergency transportation to a local hospital or medical center.  I’m aware that the cost of any medical transportation, assistance or medical care will be my own responsibility.

  • I understand that Sew Gussied Up may take group or individual photos or videos of Participant(s) participating in the activities for use (without identifying information such as the Participant’s name) on the website, social media site, brochures, and other marketing, and I allow Sew Gussied Up to do this without any compensation.

  • I agree to hold harmless Sew Gussied Up and its instructors, employees, volunteers, family members, for any issues that may arise from the Participant(s) participating in the activities.

  • Sew Gussied Up will keep this waiver on file and will apply it towards any future activities of the Participant(s) in other Sew Gussied Up classes, workshops, or activities.

*We will email upcoming classes and events. You have the choice to opt-out of the e-mails at any time.

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